gabriela salazar

Each structure of
In Advance of a Storm
(for Luis and Antonia)
(for A and L)
(for parents)
(for two)

is based on a cube reconfigured into a room.

These sculptures realize descriptions made by the artist’s parents in playing the Cube Game, a pop-psychology self-knowledge exercise (see Kokology). The Cube Game asks the participant to imagine and describe in relation to one another a cube, a ladder, a horse, flowers, and a storm. Each element or object represents an aspect of the participant's relationships and self. Interpretation of the responses “reveals” the inner mind and spirit.

In Advance of a Storm engages in both minimalist strategies of variation of form and rule-making, and pop interests in the cultural readymade and symbolic association; juxtaposing and intersecting the two languages at a site that is both one (island) and two (found platforms). Situated askew to their bases and at eye level, the viewer can look into but cannot enter the structures. The pieces are located at the Ferry Dock and Airport—points of entry and egress to the Island—further acknowledging and embracing these dualities.

[This project was made possible by a Fellowship in Public Art and generous support from The Lighthouse Works.]