In Advance of a Storm
(for Luis and Antonia) (for A and L) (for parents) (for two)


Found concrete “pedestals”, wood, found ladder, fresh tulips, dried wild flowers, mdf, paint, paper pulp, steel, glass) 10’ x 14’ x 10’.

Constructed on Fishers Island, NY, as part of Lighthouse Works Public Art program.

Photography by Gabriela Salazar.
In Advance of a Storm (for Luis and Antonia) (for A and L) (for parents) (for two), was located on two found platforms on Fishers Island, NY; one at each site of entry and egress—the ferry dock and the airport—to the island. Each structure is based on a cube, reconfigured to create a room. These rooms, and their contents, realize descriptions made by the artists’ parents in playing the Cube Game, a pop-psychology visualization. In this game, you are asked to respond to a set of prompts and describe the relationships and feelings associated with each. Your descriptions reveal insights to the inner mind and spirit. In Advance of a Storm is an attempt by the artist to make physical and "real" the ineffable influence of her parents and their profession (architecture) on her own work and way of interacting with the world.

Self-published book with original interviews and three texts by Amy Brener, Lucas Blalock, and Billie Tsien and Tod Williams available upon request.